Diary of a 9-5ver (Episode 7)- Blood thirst

He closed the book he had been reading- The Joy of Murder and meditated on the following words:
We serial killers are your sons, we are your husbands, and we are everywhere. And there will be more of your children dead tomorrow" -Ted Bundy "You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You're looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!" -Ted Bundy (on the joy of murder). It was time for his next kill....time to feel like the divinity


Eno ended the call with Jayson to take Odetola’s. “Hi……”she screeched

“That voice almost deafened me” he laughed

“I apologize”

“it’s okay, shows you were excited to hear from me”

“Yea… somewhat” she blushed

“I guess you had a great time partying”

“Sure I did….”

“Can I take you to lunch on Monday?”

“Errmmm I have a meeting with a friend at Interswitch on Monday lunchtime…”

“Hmmmmmm which friend?”

“Jayson…. Emele, I’m sure you know him”

Odetola was quiet

“You don't?” she asked again

“Oh... Yes I think I do….”

“Yes, he’s having a meeting there and he wants me to join him”

“You think that’s alright?”

“I think it’s great... I’ll just get more exposure and all”

“Oh well, if you think so…” He cleared his throat “see you later on Monday evening then”

“No I can’t; I would be going to church”

“What happens in church on Monday, thought Sundays are for church services”

She chuckled, “its mid-week service”

“Oh seen… then see you whenever”

“Don’t be like that, I’ll see you on Tuesday”

“Alright then... See you on Tuesday”

“Good night Tola”

“Good night Eno.”

 She hung up and sighed. Two great men on her case.
Eno stared at her phone for a few seconds before dropping it on the bed

“Eno, mum is calling” Tolu said walking into the room. She had left to assist in getting dinner ready

“Yes, I heard the bell”

“Seemed like the call didn’t go bad after all”

“Nah it didn't...”

“Told you, he might just be the knight in shining in armor you have been waiting for.”

Eno ignored her to read a text that from Greg
    “Hi Eno, I’m sorry I had to give out your number to Jayson. Hope he doesn’t call before you get to see this... good night

She smiled and texted back....
 “He just did, might I remind you not to give out my number to random people”

He replied again in few seconds... 
“I’m sorry, my hands were tied”

“Okay then...He seems a gentleman”

“I guessed as much. Good night Eno.”

“Good night Best friend”

Eno picked her phone and walked past Tolu who was trying to find her phone

“I’m off to the dinning Tolu”

“Yes I’ll meet you there”

Tolu stared at her phone, a text left her gob smacked. 
“Eno's life is in danger, tell her to be careful”

After 2 futile attempts to reach the number, she walked slowly out of the room towards the dinning. She was scared, really scared.

“Eno are you okay?” Tolu asked

“Yes I’m fine..."

"what an awkward question” she laughed

“Yea.” Tolu shivered

“Are you okay?” Ms. Clarissa asked

“Yes mum I’m fine” Tolu answered as she stared at the phone again, the sequel message was clearer

“She belongs to me and I do not share. Warn her!”

“Tolu!” Eno called out

“Yes” she replied almost jumping out of her skin

“Are you okay?”

“Yes,” she said as she stood to take her leave. I think I’ll skip dinner... I need to rest, could be a hangover” she said walking out of the dining area.

To be continued………..


  1. Who's sending the threat messages No? I hope it's not Greg tho?

  2. I hope King Beccause doesn't want to do game of thrones style for us?