Episode 16- (Diary of a 9-5ver)

Eno stepped out to talk with Jayson. She was going to share all of this with him but later, after everything had blown off.

“Aren’t you going to tell her about Jayson too?” Greg asked

“What about Jayson?” Tolu asked

“He has a child and a wife in the US”

“What? I didn’t know of that”

“He’s married plus he even has 2 baby mamas”

“How did you find out about this?”

“I helped set up the software for Jayson’s legal firm. His wife was around at the time. Besides, he doesn’t deny it. I’m sure Eno has never asked him. You can confirm on google. The internet is just a click away on your phone”

Tolu’s hand shook as she worked her way through the internet browser on her phone
“Christ! It’s true how come I didn’t know?” she gasped

“Because you felt you knew him so well, you didn’t bother checking”

“How do I tell her he’s married? I brought those two together” she panicked

“You didn’t. They met at a party remember?”

“Who’s married?” Eno asked, the call had been patchy due to the terrible network so she walked into their conversation.

“Eno you need to sit” Tolu walked closer to her

“I heard you both; Jayson is married?!”

“We aren’t sure yet” Tolu stammered

“No, no, no…” Eno shook

“What’s wrong E?” Tolu asked

“He….. He…” she stammered and teared up

“He did what?”

“He just proposed to me yesterday” Eno broke down crying

Tolu and Greg lowered their heads. This was beyond them.    

“And I accepted!” She wailed even harder. “We were going to see his parents tomorrow… how do I wake up from this?”
“Maybe you should ask him” Gregory said as he stepped aside to take the call from Cosmos

“Yes I’m headed there right away!” Eno said picking up her bag. If there was anything she would do, it will be asking that liar why he deceived her.
“Hello Jayson, where are you?” She asked on the phone

“I’m at the guest house”

“I’ll be with you shortly” she said sniffing

“Babe, are you okay?”

Eno went quiet, then hissed and ended the call.

“I think she’s found out already” Jayson said to Gbadams

“Makes it easier for us…. Monday is too far actually”

“Let’s prepare for her then.”                               


Cosmos sneezed as he read the dailies. His honeymoon was over and he was to resume work on Monday. Nothing about the job excited him; if he had his way he would not return to work at Midas technologies. Times were hard. His wedding had been footed by his in-laws; in as much as he had little or nothing to do with the big wedding, he needed at least go out daily to put food on his wife’s table

“Hey babes, your phone has been ringing” his wife said as she came to the balcony to hand him the phone

“Who’s it?”

“No idea, it’s an unknown ID”

“Hmmm…” he held the phone for a few seconds before taking the call

“Hello?” His coarse voice asked

“Good afternoon cosmos”

“Afternoon, may I know who’s speaking”

“Amara, it’s me Amara”

“Oh Amara how far now? Why you dey use private number call me?” He chuckled

“I need to talk to you… are you free?”

He raised his head to see his wife walk out from the balcony, she called out something about going to the mall nearby to get groceries

“Okay Amara shoot”

“Cosmos you know before your marriage you and I were somewhat close and I feel safe to discuss certain issues with you”

“I would have married you Amara, you weren’t just a one-time affair... A lot of…” he paused to think of his next words
“I know,” Amara replied

“You know what?” Cosmos asked

 “Her parents paid for your mother’s treatment two years ago, your dad is indebted to her father’s company, he made away with some money from them while he worked there last year and to avoid jail, he agreed to give you away as collateral to chief Ijie’s daughter who is three years older than you”

“God, the news is everywhere then.”

“It isn’t, I make it a point of duty to find out things on people I care so much about”

“Now you understand; plus I found out you were sleeping g with Scott, that did hurt me”

“You won’t understand Cosmos, that’s the exact reason I’m calling”

“What’s wrong?”

“He raped me once at the office. Same day I found out you were getting married to someone else. He came to work and saw me crying; after consoling me, he made advances, and when i refused, he forced his way on me”

“What?! Why didn’t you report him?”

“He threatened my life, I had to remain his mistress else he would kill me”

“Kill you? That’s extreme; he wouldn’t have gone that far, Scott is lily-livered”

“Don’t be too sure. I tried to stay away from him and twice he snuck notes into my locked car and home. How he did it, I don’t know. Then he went as far as informing me he could get to my sister in school as well.”

“Wow! Now that’s quite sensitive. You should have told me”

“I was scared.”

“So what changed?”

“I found out the details of your marriage not too long ago”

“See, Amie I know you might think I don’t love her-my wife I mean, but I do. The circumstances surrounding our marriage were super awkward but she’s an amazing woman and I have grown to love her.”

“I don’t care about your wedding or wife, I simply want to stay alive” she cried

“What do you mean stay alive? Are you sick?”

“No. Scott is abusing me. Started by hitting me. Now he rapes me and goes to extreme lengths to satisfy is dirty fetishisms”

“He’s fetish?”

“Yes… extremely fetish”

“Christ! I’m so sorry, I didn’t even know you were going through any of these, gosh! So what do you want?”

“I don’t know, I want out and I need your help” she lamented

“Have you spoken to anyone about this?”

“Just you”

“Okay, I might have to call Gregory, he seems smart and can handle this. Then we would go confront Scott. That’s the smartest way to go about this”


“Meanwhile make a formal report at the police station”

“That’s scary, it might go public”

“Would you rather be dead and celebrated than public and alive?”

“The latter…” she sighed

“Okay then. Stay safe and I’ll talk to you soon”

“Thanks” she said ending the call.

Cosmos breathed hard, Scott? A fetish? Wow! The world was really a weird place. He dialed Greg’s phone.

“Hey G what’s up?”

“I’m good…. Now you remember me after enjoying your honeymoon?”

Cosmos laughed, they went on to talk casual for a few minutes before Cosmos dropped the bomb

“I’m telling you because you’re mature and strong, I already told her to go to the police and I’ll be confronting him too.”

“That’ll be great. I’ll call him later to know where he would be. Scott isn’t just fetish cosmos, he’s friends with a serial killer too”

“What? I’ve been working for a monster, who’s the serial killer, what’s been going on at Midas?”

“You don’t even want to know the half of it”

“Mehn, aren’t we all in deep shit?” Cosmos panicked

“No we aren’t. Ask Amara to stay safe. I’ll call you once I have info on his itinerary for later today or tomorrow”

“Okay bro…”

 To be continued.......




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