Episode 14- Diary of a 9-5ver

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Gbadamosi shivered. The news had chilled him. Jacinta was dead. The hospital had called him to inform him of her demise as her next of kin. No one deserved to go through what she went through. But it was the price you paid for dining with the devil.

He picked his phone call Scott’s number. “Hello Scott”

“Gbadams I have been trying to reach you” Scott sighed

“Yes same here”

“Well, I followed her in your car and noticed she was out with that Jayson boy yesterday I am really unhappy about this development you told me it wouldn’t get to this.” Scott continued

“Hey Scott calm down!” Gbadamosi barked

“I’m calm, I’m calm” he stammered

“Jacinta is dead! The hospital just called she died two days ago from complications of liver problem”

“Oh that’s really sad, better to be dead than the way she was” Scott spat

“Scott!” Gbadamosi tiffed. “Have you no sympathy whatsoever? That is my niece you’re talking about”

“Yes, the niece you burnt alive?” Scott asked

Gbadamosi banged the table. He hated for anyone to remind him, he knew what he did to her and for that, he may have to burn in hell. But he had been wired this way and there was nothing he could do about it.

“Gbadams there’s a more pressing issue. I want that girl and you know it”

“Shut-up Scott, you always want things that are way beyond you”

“And you’ve had no issue getting it for me, have you?” Scott asked wryly

Gbadamosi flashed back to their sophomore years. Scott had been a timid 15 year old who was constantly bullied over his pretty appearance. He had been a 16 year old sophomore who dealt well with bullies thereby forcing them to keep their distance.

“Gbadams what do we do?”

“Scott I can’t do this, I mean I’m mourning my niece right now”

“Your niece?! The same one you constantly abused, then raped and killed her mother-your sister only to set Jacinta ablaze when you heard she had found solace with my brother-in-law? Oh come off it!!”

“Stop it!” Gbadamosi screamed. “You needn’t remind me of my past”
“You’re a demon, as I am. So embrace it and get me what I want!” Scott spat

“Or what? I’m done Scott, I need help. I would get therapy”

“You?” Scott mocked. “Therapy? You kill on instinct”

“I don’t just kill. Often times, it was to oblige you”

“I don’t understand”

“Everyone I have murdered was because of you. I killed Joyce my sister because you ordered me to, you made me kill Stacy, Tiffany and Ember because you were sick of having them around- you didn’t like anyone standing in between you and what you wanted”

“Oh shut up! Listen to yourself, you killed all of them and many more because it satisfied your quest for Power. You’ve always wanted to boss people around and when you don’t get it, you do very terrible things. You drowned me in psychotic drugs now I’m hooked. I was your prey, now I’m no longer scared of who I am.”

“You’re sick Scott”

“You’re way sicker.” Scott mocked
“I want you out of my life and that’s an order!” Gbadamosi barked with all the authority he could muster.

“No!” He replied sharply

Gbadamosi was shocked, he had always been the one with the voice, the voice Scott feared

“Listen. I’m now the boss in this dyad. You will do everything I command. Get me Eno, whatever it takes. When I’m done, you can do as you please with her.”

Gbadamosi closed his eyes, he had always wanted to cut her skin in pieces, the girl was too good, appeared too perfect - he hated perfection. Joyce had been perfect; the upright older sister, her daughter Jacinta was born of perfection, and so was every other lady he had maimed. This would be his retirement plan-Maim Eno, and go off the radar. 
“Deal?” Scott’s voice awakened him

“What do you want with her anyway?” Gbadamosi asked
“What have I always wanted from all the women…? Sex, what they’ll never willingly give me”
“But you have Amara”

“She’s too easy…” Scott spat

“Consider it done. Monday after office hours, I’ll have her beneath you, begging for her life”

“Good! Now that’s the Gbadams I know” Scott laughed wickedly as he ended the call

Gbadams moved closer to the window. He had one more person to call for this to be effective
“Hello pig.”

“Gbadams of the underworld” his conversant hailed

“I think you should hurry up with whatever you want with the lass, Scott has other plans for her”



“Okay, I’ll find a way around it” his conversant sighed

“Where are you?”

“The guest house….Maybe you should come around so we can talk”


“Please come alone, three is a crowd”

“I won’t be coming with Scott, he’s a burden”

“You should think of eliminating him”

“It’s part of the plan…”

“See you soon man”

“See you soon Dawg”

To be continued............


  1. What did I just read? These two are pervertsssssss

  2. Becca! These characters are gross I mean horribly gross. How do you create them tho? Can't wait for the next part I'm so hooked

  3. Who's the other person? it's even three of them. Stories like this make you see everyone around you as perverts