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Episode 15- Diary of a 9-5ver

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Tolu served the drinks with a plate of fried chips. If Greg knew who was behind all of this, then they all needed food for the revelation.

“So wait, you know who’s behind all these threats?”

“Yes I do, he did it 3 years ago and he’s about to strike again”

“I thought it was Scott, but I overheard his conversation with Gbadams at the office. Scott is only being controlled by Gbadams. He’s only an incurable drug addict.”

“You mean Gbadams is a murderer?” Tolu asked. She had seen him on one of her visits to Eno’s office. Tall, dark and dark scary eyes. She shivered at the thought


Eno walked to the window. The room suddenly felt smaller

“Eno are you okay?” Tolu asked

“I’m not, I think Gbadams has been following me for a while. I saw his car parked outside the restaurant I was in with Jayson last night”

“Wow! How come you didn’t tell me?” Greg asked

“I didn’t tell you because I didn’t know about any of this.”

“Greg, you said you know something he did 3years ago. This means you’ve known him since before the firm, Midas is only a year old.” Eno asked

“Yes, I was married to Scott’s only sister Cherry”

“Saw her picture online.” Eno added

“Yes, we are divorced now”

“Why?” Tolu asked

“Well, the story said he was accused of murdering someone, plus he had history of assaulting his ex-wife”

“And you know this because?” Tolu asked sarcastically. Greg didn’t look like he could even hurt a fly.
“Okay girls I’m here, I might as well speak for myself.”

“Okay go on,” Tolu answered

“I met cherry in my first year at the university. She was British. Born and raised in Britain. We fell in love and she was everything and more to me. A few years after dating her, she fell pregnant and claimed it was mine, we had a hurried marriage because I loved her but I later found out I wasn’t the father of the child”

“How so?” Eno asked

“In two years of our relationship, we never had sex. I wanted it to be special. I was a nerd, a geek and I didn’t want to ruin what we had by having bad sex with her. Cherry was the wild one, she had seen it all and she warned that bad sex would destroy everything we had so I stayed off. For me, the bugs that danced in my stomach when she smiled at me was enough. I was an orphan and I needed someone stable in my life.”

“An orphan? How did you get to the UK?” Eno asked?

“I was awarded a federal government sponsored scholarship for those who had made excellent results in their waec. Google employed me after my first degree when I came out best in my hacking class, I was automatically enlisted for employment with them and I later received an employee scholarship with which I acquired my second and third degrees.”

“Wow! That’s great!” Tolu replied

 “So why did you accept the pregnancy?” An impatient Eno asked

“We tried to have sex one time. She was drunk and slept off before we did. She insisted we did that or she would call it off. When I noticed she slept off, I undressed her and……” Greg stammered

“Raped her?” Eno screamed

“No! I…” he stuttered

“You did what?” Eno grew inpatient

“I laid on her but couldn’t even penetrate her. I ejaculated on her thigh just by sighting her nudity.” He bowed his head in shame

 Tolu chuckled

“So I thought that got her pregnant. She thought we had sex”

“So what happened?”

“Happened Gbadamosi was responsible for her pregnancy, no one knows just Gbadams, Scott and I”

“How did you find out?”

“I overhead his conversation with Scott at the court room”

“What court room?” Eno asked

“I was imprisoned unjustly for one year. I was framed for arson.

“Arson? To who?”

“I met Jacinta, Gbadams’ niece on Reddit. It’s a site for hackers. She was also a hacker, best of her age. We became close, spoke in coded language and she opened up about being abused by her uncle.  At the time, I didn’t know she was Gbadams’ niece.  We later met, and I came to love her. I had been having issues with Lisa, she was also hooked on drugs and our love life became terrible. As an orphan, all you want is to love and be loved. I had no other friends as most of the people around me were also geeks, it was either we were meeting for video games or a new technological invention, I craved love while Lisa wallowed in drugs.
Jacinta and I became an item and she told me how Gbadams constantly warned her to stay away from me. I got her a new place and ensured she was safe from Gbadams and his abuse. A few months after we started out, we had sex, and she got pregnant. This angered Gbadams. One evening after I had left Jay’s apartment, there was a heavy knock on my door - the police were there to arrest me. Jacinta had been rushed to the hospital 25 minutes after I left her apartment. I suspected Scott did it because Scott had always wanted to court her but she refused and he sent threat messages that he would kill her if I didn’t allow him have her. She had gotten several threat messages from Scott and when she told Gbadams, he promised to tell Scott off. He became nicer to her since she became pregnant for me so we thought he had turned a new leaf.” Greg sighed. He was almost teary

“So why did the police come for you?” Tolu asked while Eno moved closer to sit by him.

“The police arrested me because we had an argument that evening. Jacinta didn’t want to keep the baby she was scared she wouldn’t be able to protect her from the wicked world, after several futile efforts at convincing her that keeping the baby was the right thing to do, I left angrily but not before I told her I’d burn the house and the world if anything happened to my child”

“Oh dear Lord. This is why Eno’s mum always warns us against speaking when angry”

“Luckily for me, she didn’t die, I was charged and sentenced to 10 years in prison but after five months in the hospital, she got better enough to explain that Scott razed the house when he tried convincing her to let go of me. She hadn’t agreed, so he raped her and left her in the room then gone around the house to set it ablaze. He had no done it alone, he had help. Jay had seen a masked man by her window and he was the one who torched her house.”

“This is gruesome, sounds like a scene from a horror- movie” Tolu spat

“I can’t imagine what you’ve been through yet I judged you so hastily” Eno sighed. Could it be that Gbadams was the masked guy?

“No he wouldn’t hurt Jacinta, he loved her in his own way. Although he didn’t like the idea of Jacinta in another relationship, I realized he let us be months after we started dating” Greg replied

“Scott was a drug addict, he still is, he pushed his last girlfriend into the pool, jumped in to ensure she was dead and when she wasn’t, he stabbed her countless times” Greg added
“Blood of Jesus! I’ve been working for a monster. Did I tell you I noticed violent marks on Amara’s neck?” Eno asked

“I’m not surprised; she even called me yesterday wanting to speak with me” Greg replied

“Christ. He must be abusing her then” Tolu added

“I’ll speak with her later in the day” Greg asked

“So why isn’t Scott in jail?” Tolu asked?

“He got a lighter sentence, his psychiatrists said he was mentally unstable at the time”
“Jokes! That guy should be locked in some asylum! Eno tiffed. “Why the blackmail, how come you gave out your IT firm to them? “She added

“They promised not to take my child from me if I kept quiet.”

“But you found out she wasn’t yours?”

“That was when I was already headed to jail. Scott and Gbadams were arguing over something I still can’t fathom, it came out and when they knew I heard, the leverage had been signed, it was part of my jail terms”
“Why work for them then?” Eno inquired

“This is my parent’s company. Plus I stayed back after meeting someone on the first day I came to see both of them”


“Never mind. I enjoy working there anyway. Part of my plan is to uncover the mystery behind those two”

“Thank God for you. I suggest you get a fresh start, away from all the drama though” Tolu added

“My point exactly stay away from those two and get a new IT firm running, more so, you’re a consultant to many firms” Eno said

“I have two other firms running, I just couldn’t let go of this one. I’ll get it back soon I’m working on the papers to get it back”

“Now I know. I’ll go to work. Resign and make a statement with the police on Monday”

“You should.” Tolu said sighing

Please excuse me, I need to take this call. Eno said as she stepped out of the room

To be continued...


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