Efe's diary - New Born chapters 10

I sat in front of my faculty and observed everything around me. The petty traders paraded their wares and calling to passersby to patronize them, students moving in groups and chatting animatedly about God knows what and other students walking alone, many of which wore earphones and walked alone. This was how the world was directed. Everyone was minding the very business that paid them. I noticed different facial expressions too- some were worried, why wouldn’t they? UNILAG would test everything you believed in, I thought to myself, it was the very reason I couldn't wait to be done with school.

I shifted in my seat- the hard floor was more of a pain to my bottom, but at this time, I chose to call it a seat. I fumbled with the test script I had been holding. I was waiting for Professor Okoh to come out of the class he had gone into straight from mine so I could submit my script to him. Everyone knew of what had befallen me and 2 months after I had resumed, some lecturers were still yet to accept her assignments. Now, Prof Okoh had refused any other scripts just a couple of minutes after he asked everyone to submit. I walked with crutches, how did he expect me to get through the large crowd that filled the class and submit in just two minutes? 

"Hello Sir!" I struggled to my feet and moved as fast as my crutches allowed toward him as he stepped out of the class.

"Yes Miss?" He replied watching me till I got close enough.

"I couldn't get to you to submit my test Sir, I didn't want to be caught between the many students and be trampled."

"Okay then, you have failed." He spat

"Sir please, I am unable to move fast enough on my crutches.”

"You think you can fake a broken leg and get my sympathy?" He asked.

"My leg wasn't broken Sir, I was cut with a machete, in several places over there" I pointed towards the back of the faculty.

"Oh..." He paused, Slightly embarrassed. “You were the one? let me have your script”  He stepped closer so the script could reach him when I stretched. 

"Thank you Sir."

"That's alright, you should always sit in front of the class so you can submit in time."

"The front rows are smaller and can't take both my crutches"

"That's true," he realized. "I apologize."

"No Sir, that's fine." I replied wondering why a professor in my department would be apologizing to me.

"Do you go to church?" He asked.

"Yes.. yes sometimes."

"I mean are you Born Again?" he asked more clearly.

"Errm what does that mean?"

"Okay, I am inviting you to Church this weekend, you know the "Our Saviour’s Chapel?"

"Yes I do Sir." It was one of the popular Churches around the campus.

"Good! Be my guest and maybe you will understand it means to be born again."

"Okay Sir."

"Henceforth, if you have a problem in school, my Office door is open to you." 

"Thank you Sir!" She replied enthusiastically.

Professor Okoh took another look at her before he walked away. He had heard about the girl that was maimed by cultists on her way out of campus a few months ago, on the day the strike began. 
He believed God had decided to keep her alive, As people had been questioned and no one could identify the young lady's attacker. Seeing her today made him remember people like her had one purpose on earth, to live life the way God had destined them to. He stopped in front of his car and was about to unlock it when he remembered he had not told her the service times.
He went quickly towards the faculty entrance and found her almost entering a commercial tri-cycle usually referred to as keke.
"Hey Miss..."

Efe turned to see her professor hurrying towards her. She stopped the Keke and got down.

"I forgot to tell you service for Sunday is by 10am." He said to her.

"Oh...okay Sir" She stuttered, wondering if that was what made him literally run after her?

"And do you have transport fare to come to Church?" He asked again.

"I... might."She swallowed. Since Lanre left, or since she asked him to stay away, money had become a little tight for her. With the injuries from the accident she was unable to work to support herself and had to depend on what her mother could send to her and the little Rose could squeeze out too.

"Okay,"He said dipping his hand into his pocket. He brought out two N500 notes and handed the money to her.

"N1000?" thought to herself, keke to Salvation Chapel was only N50. "Thank you Sir. I'll be in Church." She was going to come see this Church where people gave huge amount of money to others to come to Church.

"Okay then, see you there."

"Thanks again Sir" She said again.

"You're welcome."He and turned back towards his parking lot. 

to be continued....


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  3. This is so good, leading her to Christ is all she’ll ever need

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