Efe's diary- New Born chapters 11

I  entered the Chapel as quietly as my crutches would allow. The place was so huge with many people sitting attentively, listening as the preacher taught from the podium. His voice echoed through the quiet of the sanctuary. 

I was about 30 minutes late because I couldn't get a bike on time from my hostel neither could I walk up to the main road to get one for fear of stressing my legs.

I found a seat beside a woman who was engrossed in what the preacher had to say, and wigged my hips in a bid to adjust to the wooden pew.  The woman moved to create enough space for my crutches and messages. "Thanks" I mouthed.

The woman nodded in approval.

As I settled in and turned my attention to the pastor's message, I soon caught on to the message- He was talking about how God loved us and how His purpose for us was beyond our physical trials.

"You don't have money- Jehovah sees, He cares and He will definitely provide for you. Are you sick? Health is only in Christ. That you're not dead is the evidence of His Love and Grace for you." I wondered in my heart about those who had died, didn't the Creator love them too? As if on cue, He said "For those who are dead, God loves them too but He would be merciful to those He choses and that's His will for them. Since you're alive, do not count yourself lucky, count yourself blessed." He went on to teach about the unconditional Love of God, His mercy and His plan for us in life. The message and every song he raised as the message went on created a soft spot in my heart for this God He kept talking about. As I stood up and began to walk towards the altar, everyone was taken aback, the preacher had not made an altar call but I was walking towards the pulpit anyway.

A few men, who I later learned were ushers walked towards me and assisted me as I limped towards the pulpit, A few others stood watch as guards should anything suspicious come up.

I got to the front and knelt right before the pulpit as the sobs shook my whole body and the tears uncontrollably. 
Every word he had reached into me. I was born into an abjectly poor and tumultuous life that could have been ended by Kingsley but God kept me. I thought of the several occasions I had gotten in death's way, While jumping busses to sell wares on a busy road but God kept Me. The preacher rounded up his message and made an altar call, The instrumentalist played a song and a chorister slowly broke into a song. It was indeed a moment for reflections.  I’d later learn the song was 'so will I,' by Hillsong.

I looked up to find the lyrics on the projector screen so tried to sing along. 
"God of creation
"There at the start before the beginning of time." 
"With no point of reference," 
"You spoke to the dark and fleshed out the wonder of light." 
"And as You speak..." 
"A hundred billion galaxies are born..." 
"In the vapor of Your breath the planets form," 
"If the stars were made to worship so will I." 
"I can see Your heart in everything You've made," 
"Every burning star, a signal fire of grace;" 
"If creation sings Your praises so will I..."

She cried some more and soon learnt a few lyrics. The one that stuck was : "If the stars were made to worship so will I, For if everything exists to lift You high so will I"

How did I not know this God earlier? Why didn't anyone introduce me to him? My mother moved from one white garment church to another seeking for answers to my father's behavioural problems, but she never led  us to Christ. I cried more and felt a kind of love that had never been. Someone really was up there who loved me way more than I could imagine- how else could I explain it? In the years before, I worked so hard I couldn't study much yet, I had been blessed with a memory more retentive than most and I never carried a course over, I always passed in flying colours. 

Someone lost his life so I could find it, someone actually kept my family and I under His wings and even though I had a father that didn't do anything for them, Someone clearly loved Me well enough to make sure any ordeal I went through, I came out stronger. The preacher had said whether or not we go through fire, there's someone in the fire with us. Someone had saved my life after Kingsley's failed attempt to destroy it. 

The preacher led me to say a prayer, prayed for me then ushers helped me back to my seat. I knew this was it, if someone gave up His life for Me- So would I. I would give up her life for Him too. 

When the service ended, Professor Okoh and his wife walked up to me and gave me a huge hug. "I am so happy to see you Omosefe." Prof then laughed at my surprise that he knew my full name.

"I make it a point of duty to research some of my best students."

She started crying, not just because she felt like she had found a family that loved her, But because no one had ever shown her that there was a God who was up there watching over her jealously.
"You can come over to our house anytime you're free. I have 2 girls who are also in school here. They wouldn't mind another sister." Prof's wife added.

"Thank you Ma." I replied her.

They took me to the car and handed some food in a cooler. 

"Enter the car, Let's take you to your hostel." Prof said. 

I hesitated for a bit. 

"You're now one of us now" Prof's wife encouraged me. "We watch over ours jealously like Jesus does us. "She added.

"Thank you for inviting me to Jesus Sir" I Sobbed. 

The following weekend I was invited to the Sister's unit and I made lots of friends, one of them had a Youtube channel where they discussed the matters that affected youths in and out of the campus. The popular v-logger who was also a choir member invited me to join the group who involved in the video discussions on trending topics in campus and how youths could go through the campus life trouble free. From these videos and little contributions I made, I got paid and I also held a few campaigns on campus. Some were focused on helping young students transition more easily into Campus life and others were to help those who needed a listening ear or helping hand. 
I received a lot of phone calls, some people got my number from the YouTube channel while others got it through the fellowship. I even became known for the videos on campus. In all I did, I realized it drew me closer to God; I was blessed to also be earning from it. 

On one of the days, I stayed back to help clean the church premises. I was in a hurry to get home because it was getting late. As I approached the faculty gate, I heard my name. It was pretty crowded-trust Lagos nightlife. As the person approached me, I did not recognize the face. I stepped back a few times and looked around so I'd know what direction to run in. I guess I was still traumatized from the attack. 

He Seemed to notice, "I'm sorry" he waved, "I don't want to hurt you."

I stopped and asked what he wanted. 

"You're Efe right?"She asked.

"Yes I am." I replied hesitantly. 

"I followed you from church, Prof asked me to give these groceries to you" He stretched out the plastic bag He was carrying.

I moved closer and took the bag from him, upclose, he looked a lot like prof. 
"Are you his son?" I asked.

"Yes I am."

"I apologize for acting so uneasily,  I was a little scared."

"It's okay, I honestly understand."He assured me. 

We talked for a few minutes. He was Prof’s only son who worked with the Airforce and was around for a few weeks. His parents had gotten worried when I didn't come visiting over the weekend and had sent him to give me the groceries and check on me in church, knowing I wouldn't miss it for anything.  

"Please thank your Dad and Mum for me, they have been of tremendous help since I met them." 

"They really love you and are very happy you are serving God." 

I smiled and bid him good night after he hailed a bike for me. 

He held my gaze and waved to me till the bike zoomed off. 

to be continued.......


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