Double Spear-Episode Five

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Exam weeks soon went by, and though the holidays were brief, everyone was grateful they were reduced to enable the academic calendar to recover some of the time lost to strikes. Dayo paced his room, then punched the wall when the pacing was not easing his pent-up energy.

“Dee, you’ll hurt yourself, stop” Tayo expressed her worry.

“Babe you don’t understand. My dad will disown me. Another failure? I put in a lot of all-nighters studying for professor Osarodion’s course. I practiced with the guidance you gave me and understood the course fully.”

Tayo sighed. Dayo had indeed studied. She wondered how he still did not make the pass mark. To worsen matters, she did not even find his answer script for the exam.

“Maybe I’ll speak with Osarodion, you can’t have a double extension, I need to review your answer sheet and know where you went wrong.”

He scoffed. “That man is just tormenting me because he has seen us together.”

“Come on babe, he won’t do that, yes he looks at me funny, but he won’t”.

“What do I do?”. He asked resignedly.

“I’ll speak with Osarodion, and the dean then find your answer sheet as well. Please relax, I need to go now”, she kissed him and left.

Tayo kept thinking about it as she walked to her car. Was Osarodion really punishing Dayo for being with her? That was absurd. How do you punish a student for expressing his love interest?

She started the car, she would go to the department and, speak with the senior lecturer before drawing conclusions.




She went to Joshua’s office first. She wanted to see Dayo’s scripts and check if he really failed. Joshua had marked half the scripts and she believed he had Dayo’s script with him. 

“Hey darling” she said warmly when she entered the tiny office. 

“You look sad,” he queried. 

“I am… Dayo failed” she sighed and sat down

He coughed. “He did?” Josh asked with a shaky voice.

“What is it, Josh?” She leaned forward in her seat, holding Joshua’s gaze once she caught it.

“Errm, nothing. I just wonder if he did not study well.” He looked away again. 

“He did. Dayo is very smart. I know he has many side businesses, but he takes his studies seriously. If not for this course, he would have graduated last year with a second-class degree in the upper division.”

Joshua sighed. 

“Josh, I was wondering if you saw his script, we would need it.” She continued.

“I did not mark his scripts,” he moved away from behind his desk so he could avoid her better. 

Tayo noticed his uneasiness and stood up to face him. “Josh, is there something you want to tell me?” 

“Tee, I can’t lie to you, I mean you treat me like a brother. Osarodion asked me to do it.” 

“Do what?”

“Destroy his scripts; but I didn’t. I couldn’t bring myself to do that, so I kept it away.” 

“Why would you do that to him, Josh? That’s someone’s life, you could have told me. 

“He has something against me.”

“What did he have against you?!!!!” she fumed. “What Josh?” She screamed 

“Bring your voice down Tee, there are certain things you do not know about me…” he swallowed.

“Things like what Josh!” 

“He knows I am…” he moved away from her

“You’re gay!” She blurted 

“Yea.” But how did you…” 

“I have always known Josh!” She stopped him halfway. 

“Actually, No one knows he saw a boyfriend and I last year. 

“Does that make you wrong? Was the boyfriend an adult?” 

“Yes, he was but you know it’s illegal in this country, so I tried to blend back in and pretend to be who I am not.” He sniffed. 

“What the hell! I know you are gay; I had always known but Josh no one should tell anyone how to live their lives. Gay or not, love is love and I love you! You could have come to me.”

“To do what? Tell him no? And have the whole school against me?  I mean the whole country. “No way!” he shivered at the thought.”

Tayo sighed. “I understand your precarious position but if you continue to help him destroy other people, how does that make you a better person?” she asked quietly. 

“That is why I could not destroy his script, I hoped I could be of help if Dayo decided to fight back by calling for a remarking.” 

Her eyes lit up as she considered the idea. 

“Are you okay?” Josh asked

“Yes, I am, are you saying we can ask for a remarking? on what basis?” she stared at him directly.

“From what I know, it looks like he likes you and probably failed him because Dayo is with you.”

 “But that’s not fair “she replied. “I am on my way to see him now.” She grabbed her purse. 

“If you must go, I advise you to thread carefully. Maybe record your conversations with him. That could give you an advantage for your course. You would not need to ask for remarking because the script was never marked, and that could implicate me. If we can get him to implicate himself. I could mark the script and advise the real results and we could decide to use that against him while we send the results to exams and records.”

“Smart ass!” She kissed his forehead. “I’ll see you shortly” she reached for the doorknob, then stopped midair to say, “Josh, I understand why you did it because I know it’s a tough world for you out here, but I will fix this, and you will not have anyone breathing down your neck again.” She finished with a smile and opened the door.


“Thank you, Tee.” He said with tear-filled eyes.

to be continued.....

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