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Double Spear- Episode Six


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Osarodion’s office was usually full after results were released as many students would come to his office to bear their grievances. Tayo pushed past the small crowd outside his door and found her way in.


Domor Sir”. She had picked up the bini language greeting on campus.


“Ehen, how are you oyinbo?” He replied with his dirty looking smile.


“I am fine Sir, a friend advised he failed the course and asked that I review his script so he can prepare for the re-sit and know where he made errors”. She lied.


Knowing she was lying, Osarodion played along. “What’s this student’s name? We can help”.


“Oladayo Fredrick Gbadebo”. She stated Dayo’s name in full.


“Oh, that perpetual failure?” He smirked.


She frowned, wondering; how he could call someone a perpetual failure when he barely taught the students. She at least did her best to help the students understand the course but this man had not allowed them set the examination.


“Unfortunately, we can’t bring those scripts, he failed. Let him return next year”


“Sir, that’s not fair, he’s been here since last year. This would ruin his life.”

“Oh, he’s your boyfriend?”


She swallowed hard.


“If he’s your boyfriend, we can help him,” he continued.


“The results have not yet been submitted to the Exams and Records office, I can remark on his script, help him graduate”. He stood and moved to the window to shut the blinds.


“All I would need is you. You see, I’ve liked you from day one, but you chose a student over me, a failure over his professor. That’s disrespectful my dear”.


She stood transfixed. Dayo had said it but she didn’t want to believe that this man would fail him because of her. “I don’t understand” she found her voice. “Don’t try it” she screamed when he moved towards her. “You wouldn’t dare”


“No, I will not rape you” he jeered. You need me more, so I’ll wait for you to beg but remember, once Exams and Records posts it, he’s getting an extra year and as long as I’m in this department, he will not be graduating."


She swallowed hard and felt for her phone in her pocket. The recorder had been on the whole time. If Osarodion wants a fight, she will give him war. She stepped back until she found the doorknob.

She tried to take deep breaths as stepped outside the office, she was still reeling from the interaction. She adjusted her glasses and walked past the crowd.

to be continued.....

Disclaimer- All stories on this blog are completely fictional and are products of the writer's imagination.

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  1. Typical of Nigerian lecturers preying on female students. God forbid