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Double Spear- Episode Seven


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“Mama” Tayo said into her phone in the lowest tone she could be audible in.

“Yes Baby” her mum replied.

“My Senior Lecturer wants to ruin Dayo’s life.” She sobbed

“Oladayo? How? kilosele?” she queried.

“He’s given him a fail without marking his exam script and sworn he won’t graduate as long as he’s in the department”.

“What? That’s barbaric” Mrs. Gbadebo was disgusted.

“Mummy, it’s my fault” Tayo cried, 

“I’m dating Dayo”

“Oh! okay, that’s unexpected but what does that have to do with…” she suddenly realized “that useless man had better not be interested in you?!” her mother became furious.

“Yes mum, he is. He said Dayo will not graduate unless I sleep with him”

“God forbid. I’ll call your father now. It will never happen. Don’t do it. Let me call your father, He knows the Vice chancellor”.

“I recorded a conversation where he stated it clearly. I am hoping we can use it against him” she added, already reassured by her mother’s support. 

“Good job my dear, good job”

As the call ended, she remembered the rumors that Osarodion had the VC by his balls. She sat on the pavement and wept some more.


Tayo sighed, she was sitting on the edge of Dayo’s bed watching his despair. In the months they had been dating, she had never seen him look this way, helpless! 

She updated him on her discussion with Joshua, the recorded conversation she had with the professor when he fell into her trap, and then the phone call to her mom.


“Babe with this we have him. My mum should have spoken to my dad by now and they will speak to the VC.” she left out her concerns about Osarodion’s relationship with said VC.

“Tee, with what you have, we do not need the VC.” Dayo finally seemed to be absorbing the hope she was trying to offer “remember how BBC pidgin wanted me to do a story for them? I think this could be my big break in to the news media recognition and a grand way to finally graduate.” he went to give Tayo a hug. 

“What do you mean?” she asked. 

“We could run this story and get paid for it while also exposing the rot in the system, this can also kick start an investigation that will help other students affected by his wickedness.

“Hmmm, perfect. We can actually mark your script now then show it to the departmental heads that the failure mark given to you was out of spite. I will not do the marking though, Joshua will, so it won’t be said that there was bias. Because we’re dating. 

“Good thinking baby. Let me call the Production Manager. Meanwhile, we need more evidence against him.” Dayo sighed. It was coming together, everything was falling into place. “I need to talk to my parents as well. They need to be aware of what is going on with me.”

“I agree.” Tayo assented.

Dayo called his mum on the phone. He began by narrating the reason he had not graduated, explained what had happened to that point and what they planned to do. His mother expressed deep concerns over the whole scenario. No mother would be happy to observe their child’s life halted by an individual’s greed.

“I’d like to speak to your father about this, I don’t want you endangering yourself. Don’t worry, we will fix this”

“Mum please do not do anything yet, we have this under control. I only called to carry you and dad along, our plan will work out well.”

“Alright, but once you need us to step in, please let me know.”

“Okay mama. I love you,”

“I love you too dear”


“Dayo’s mum paced the living room as she anticipated her husband’s entrance she had seen his vehicle drive in.

“What is the matter woman?” dr. Gbadebo could tell something was bothering her as soon as he entered.

Dayo’s mother narrated their ordeal to him. Dr. Gbadebo was infuriated.

“When did the Educational system become this rotten? Are you sure Dayo is not cooking all these stories up so he can get your attention?” Dr Gbadebo was a strict disciplinarian and did not believe the story. But Mrs. Gbadebo was convinced so she kept insisting, until her husband walked out. “Your son is lying! '' He spat as he left. He was once a young boy and knew what young men did to deceive their parents. 

“Darling, he has facts against the school. You need to believe him, he’s our son” she followed him, determined to convince him this time.

“so this young woman, errm..."

“Tayo,” she reminded him

“Yes, is also a love interest of the lecturer?”

“She is, and she has his voice recorded. He confessed his interest as the reason he failed our Dayo

“Did he send you the recorded version?”

“Yes, please listen.” 

Dr Gbadebo stopped on the staircase, suspending his plan to enter to his room. 

“So, he should be arrested. Why would anyone prey on kids?” he declared after hearing the recorded conversation.

“Your son said we should let him handle it for now. He intends to use his partnership with the media to publish the man’s deeds, with the hope of uncovering some of the challenges of our educational institutions. 

“I do not think that’s smart but I will call him so he can give me all the information he has.” he continued toward his bedroom.

“Thank you dim. Thank you.” she said smiling. 

to be continued.....

Disclaimer- All stories on this blog are completely fictional and are products of the writer's imagination.



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