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Showing posts from November 19, 2017

Diary of a 9-5ver (Episode 5) - Further Exposure

Eno sat on one end of the large tent hosting all the guests gracing the occasion.

Diary of a 9-5ver (episode 6)- After-Party

Eno struggled out of her dress, the party had been a great one. She walked into the bath and turned the shower knob allowing the water to drain freely down her body.

Diary of a 9-5ver (Episode 4)- Uncovered

Caroline stooped by Amara's desk as she walked towards the coffee maker "Those two love birds aren't back from their short trip?" she hissed

Diary of a 9-5ver- cloak-and-dagger (Episode 3)

"Relax Eno, are you getting all worked up over that CD plate?" Cosmos asked