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Married single and complicated - Affairs of the heart

"We need a new driver!" Ronke spat at Remi

"What happened to cosmos?"

"Life happened."

MISCONCEPTIONS- Beauty Is Only Skin Deep 2

It was Mope's eighth week at work. Wale was becoming an irritant but she kept her cool. She had successfully completed two business transactions for the company within eight weeks and he still nagged about her being incompetent.

MISCONCEPTION- Beauty Is Only Skin Deep 1

Mope jumped at the sound of the vigilante's gong; she hissed. Living in the remote part of Lagos had it's downsides. She heaved a sigh of relief upon realizing that the electricity had been restored. Electricity was a jewel around here.

Married single and complicated - Intricate Relationships

Ego hissed as her car was brought to a halt... "Why would this car choose to go faulty today of all days?" She hissed again. One of the reasons she hated riding her car to the slum where her sister lived was because she was scared of theft. This smaller car always developed unforeseen faults.

Married, single and complicated - Nuptials

Tonia walked from the bus stop to her house. Although it wasn't too far, she would have taken a taxi or even boarded keke napep if she could afford the luxury. Times were hard; and saving money from which ever way she could, would help her moneyless marriage.

WORK KPALAVA- 'Jump and Pass'

Chaiiiii, who say adult life easy never grow reach adulthood o. My brethren, i used to think working in the clinics was hectic until i joined the administrative part of Nursing. Phew! e nor easy eeee( in Psquare's voice)