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Diary of a Survivor

"eh wey you, commot dia allow this girl carry that cement. Na strong person she be." The site worker barked orders at a man who was fainting from hard work
Faustine rushed to the side of the loader, she had carried fifteen bags already but she had to do more. Ebuka had to return to school, Nina also had to go to school and she had extra moral classes to attend.
Upon loading the fiftieth bag, the project supervisor stepped in front of the loader.
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Adaobi sang as she walked the lonely path that led to the village market.

SCARRED (Part 2)

Azuka walked into chief Amadin’s residence. The house was big, so big one could get lost within its walls. After her mother’s trial, she had been shipped off to live with a distant uncle. Her mother was Benin and this Edo uncle of hers was rich enough to feed her to her 12th generation.

SCARRED (Part 1)

“Who dropped this bucket here? ehn? Who is the idiot that dropped this dirty bucket in front of my flat?" Azuka barked, “The idiot that dropped this bucket here should come and pick it on the count of 1…” she went on to count till ten then smashed the bucket in pieces.

Diary of a 9-5ver (Episode 18)

“You are going out because of Amara?” Chudi voiced out. Chudi was cosmos’s wife

Diary of a 9-5ver (Episode 17)

Scott hurriedly packed his suitcase, Monday was just two days away, and he would disappear from work with Eno to hatch his plan.

Episode 16- (Diary of a 9-5ver)

Eno stepped out to talk with Jayson. She was going to share all of this with him but later, after everything had blown off.